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Sabah Newspapers and Sarawak Newsapapers

East Malaysia (Malaysia Timur), also known as SabahSarawak and Labuan or Malaysian Borneo.

The total population of East Malaysia in 2010 was 5.77 million (3.21 million in Sabah, 2.47 million in Sarawak, and 0.09 million in Labuan),[24]which represents 20.4% of the population of Malaysia. A significant part of the population of East Malaysia today resides in towns and cities.

With its multi-ethnic population based of close to 6 million, there are currently around 16 newspapers in circulation in East Malaysia in total. Giving the geographical challenges among the cities in terms of distances and cost of operation, there are 3 types of daily newspapers namely (1) National (2) State & (3) Regional newspapers serving the needs of the local population in Sabah and Sarawak, these are mainly differentiated based on respective number of circulations within the city across two states.

Should you need to understand the differences between each title and how to allocate the media budget based on your target market, please contact DMDC Media for more information. 

13 Jun 2018

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