Carlsberg celebrates Sabah, Sarawak pride with limited edition cans

KOTA KINABALU: Carlsberg Smooth Draught delivers six aesthetically designed special-edition cans and bottles this year to honour the pride of Sabah and Sarawak, building on the popularity of its limited-edition packaging for the Gawai and Kaamatan Festivals last year.The vibrant mural that wraps around each product focuses on bringing people together to appreciate and share the abundant art and culture of Borneo’s magnificent islands.The “Sabah and Sarawak Pride” package, which features six distinct icons in brilliant colours, sublimely enhances the lush local nature and rich culture in an illustrated composition, exhibiting a masterpiece of contemporary art and beer.

The imaginative artworks include Sabah’s Orangutan, breathtaking mountain, and Rafflesia, as well as Sarawak’s Longhouse, Hornbill, and Sape. This ad, appropriately titled “Raikan Kebanggaan Sabah dan Sarawak,” gives honour and acknowledgment to the inhabitants’ lovely culture, extraordinary animals, and amazing natural beauties.

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12 Apr 2022

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